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Opportunities in Leadership Computing

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory in East Tennessee is engaging a world-class team to make dramatic advancements —fielding new capabilities and new opportunities for application to high-end science and high performance computing.

Solving Problems Beyond the Reach of Today’s Technology

The science of the 21st century demands computational capability well beyond what is available today.Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and the Department of Energy’s Office of Science intend to lead the world in computational science and engineering as a tool for frontier scientific discovery to deliver new insights and significant breakthroughs with far-reaching impact for U.S. scientific leadership, industrial competitiveness, and national security.

ORNL will be home to a wealth of resources to accomplish these goals:

  • National Center for Computational Sciences (NCCS)
  • DOE Leadership Computing Facility (LCF)
  • Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR)
  • Regional Cyber Infrastructurefor Science
  • Classified Computing (for national security and energy assurance)

Leadership Computing Capabilities

Computing power is key to scientific leadership in basic energy sciences, biological and environmental sciences, fusion energy,and high-energy and nuclear physics. The high performance computing platforms housed within the NCCS are vital to research programs and will provide solutions to many of our most pressing national challenges.

These capabilities will make ORNL the nation’s most powerful open resource for capability computing, with a sustain-able path that will maintain and extend national leadership for the Federal government and the scientific community at large, and will include computer science, mathematics, modeling, simulation, knowledge extraction and discovery, and numerical methods.

Join the Oak Ridge National Laboratory

The continued success of the nation requires world-class leadership in terascale and petascale computing. ORNL is in search of world-class scientific and technical staff and currently has opportunities in the following areas:

  • System Programming
    • kernel
    • networking
    • parallel file system
    • hierarchical storage
  • Early State Research (new computing technologies and architectures)
  • Design, Development, Maintenance, and Operation of IT Infrastructure
  • Compiling, Debugging, and Next-Generation Tools Development
  • Project Management and Controls
  • System Administration and Operation
  • HPC User Support and Outreach
  • Scientific Applications R&D
  • Future computing architectures
  • Performance Analysis

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ORNL, a multiprogram research facility managed by UT-Battelle, LLC, for the U.S. Department of Energy, is an equal opportunity employer committed to building and maintaining a diverse work force.