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Date Article Media Outlet
04/01/2014 NVIDIA Highlights GPU Progress on Titan Supercomputer HPCwire
02/26/2014 Flipping the Switch OLCF
02/26/2014 The Top Supercomputing Led Discoveries of 2013 HPCwire
02/26/2014 CORAL: the next big thing in supercomputing; next-gen machines for Oak Ridge, Argonne, Livermore
02/26/2014 DOE Supercomputing Aims for 100-200 PFLOPS in 2017 HPCwire
02/26/2014 Supercomputer Helps Design Wind Turbines Philadelphia News
02/26/2014 Graphene forms template for two-dimensional hybrid materials The Engineer
02/26/2014 Titan supercomputer propels GE wind turbine research into new territory Windpower Engineering and Development
02/26/2014 OpenCore seeks to help businesses make best use of data Bloomberg Businessweek
11/21/2013 INCITE Grants Awarded to 59 Computational Research Projects Scientific Computing
11/19/2013 Titan Gets A Little Help HPCwire
11/15/2013 Follow ORNL at SC13 SC13
11/15/2013 Design Revolution Sweeps the Auto Industry The Wall Street Journal
11/15/2013 Supercomputing the transition from ordinary to extraordinary forms of matter R&D Magazine
11/15/2013 The science of scents R&D Magazine
11/15/2013 Dongarra Honored with Ken Kennedy Award for Contributions to Supercomputing HPCwire
11/15/2013 Ford Turns to Altair, Cray for Auto Engineering EnterpriseTech
11/15/2013 Kinky nanotubes Deixis
11/15/2013 Intel funding for UT will develop codes, open computing center at joint UT-ORNL institute Oak Ridge Today
11/15/2013 Simulations Shed Light on Star Formation HPCwire
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