Computing and Computational Sciences Directorate

Computational Sciences and Engineering

The Computational Sciences and Engineering Division (CSED) is ORNL’s premier source of basic and applied research in the field of data sciences and knowledge discovery.  CSED’s science agenda is focused on research and development related to knowledge discovery enabled by the explosive growth in the availability, size, and variability of dynamic and disparate data sources.  This science agenda encompasses data sciences as well as advanced modeling and simulation methods for uncovering, replicating, explaining, and controlling the underlying complex processes which are generating the data. 

From a scientific and technological perspective, we carry out this agenda with special focus in the areas of sensor networks, real-time information systems, text analysis, data analytics, data fusion, population dynamics, emergent behavior in social systems, agent-based and discrete-event simulations, cyber security, and quantum information science.

Our staff is composed of approximately 150 full-time staff, 50 subcontractors, and 50 students, primarily in the disciplines of computer science, engineering, physics, operations research, and applied mathematics.

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