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Applied Software Engineering Research (ASER)

To pioneer scientific advances and technical innovations in computer science research. We aim to revolutionize the application of computer science research to government, industry, academic, and military issues by:

Our research areas are:

  • Large scale multi-agent systems
  • Text analysis
  • Text and video fusion

Selected Publications

Document Clustering Analysis based on Hybrid PSO+K-means Algorithm
Xiaohui Cui, Thomas E. Potok, Special Issue on Efficient Heuristics for Information Organization in The Journal of Computer Science (2005)

Agent Based Approach for Searching, Mining and Managing Enormous Amounts of Spatial Image Data Paul Palathingal, Thomas E. Potok, Robert M. Patton, Proc. 18 th International FLAIRS Conference, Clearwater Beach, FL, May 2005

A Multi-Agent System for Distributed Cluster Analysis Joel Reed, Thomas Potok, and Robert Patton, Proceedings of the Software Engineering for Large-Scale Multi-Agent Systems (SELMAS), 5/2004.

Adaptive Sampling of Text Documents Robert Patton and Thomas Potok, Proceedings of the 13th International Conference On Intelligent And Adaptive Systems And Software Engineering, 7/2004

Agent Approach for Service Discovery and UtilizationPaul Palathingal, Sandeep Chandra, Proc. 37 th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Hawaii, January 2004

VIPAR: Advanced Information Agents discovering knowledge in an open and changing environment Thomas E. Potok, Mark Elmore, Joel Reed and Frederick T. Sheldon , Proc. 7th World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics Special Session on Agent-Based Computing , Orlando FL, July 27-30, 2003. • • • Awarded Best Paper • •

An Ontology-Based Software Agent System Case Study Frederick T. Sheldon Mark T. Elmore and Thomas E. Potok , IEEE Proc. International Conf. on Information Technology: Coding and Computing , Las Vegas Nevada, pp. 500-506, April 28-30 2003

Dynamic Data Fusion Using An Ontology-Based Software Agent System Mark T. Elmore Thomas E. Potok and Frederick T. Sheldon, Proceedings of the 7th World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics, 2003

A Multi-Agent System for Analyzing Massive Scientific Data
Joel W. Reed and Thomas E. Potok, Proceedings of the International Conference on Software Engineering, 2003

Selected Projects


Thomas Potok, Group Leader

Xiaohui Cui    P.J. Palathingal
M. T. Elmore    R. M. Patton
Nenad Ivezic    Joel Reed
Brian Klump    M. S. Summers
Cathy Jiao    J. S. Tolliver
Ron Lee    J. N. Treadwell

If you have an interest in collaborating with us, contact Tom Potok at potokte@ornl.gov (865-574-0834).

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