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The Oak Ridge National Laboratory is a secure campus. Access is controlled at the East and West entrances of Bethel Valley Road through a portal manned by security personnel.  Access is granted for badged personnel and subcontractors and for visitors with pre-authorization facilitated through the Personnel Access System.  Building access is controlled by a proximity card issued for specific buildings as appropriate.

Parking inside (meaning inside the fence, near buildings) is by permit only. Students and subcontractors are required to park in designated lots. ORNL shuttle service to/from parking lots is available.

Applying to the 2013 RAMS Program

The RAMS Program: May 28 - August 16, 2013.

A completed on-line application containing a research proposal is required. Students are encouraged to write the research proposal with his/her faculty advisor.

Online student application

Two faculty recommendations completed online are required.

The faculty recommendation form can be found at

An official transcript is required.

Generous stipends begin at $10.50/hour and are dependent on qualifications, education, experience, and expertise; weekly housing allowance is $125; inbound and outbound travel reimbursement allowance is $1000 maximum per term.

2013 RAMS Applicants (internal use only)