Conference Theme

Virtualizing Energy

Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary, Dr. Steven Chu, speaking at the National Press Club declared the relationship between innovation and design as computer simulation. The direct link between accelerating innovation, connecting research and development (R&D), the Nation's best scientists, and high-performance computing simulation has its origins in the Manhattan Project, and more recently, in DOE's Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing (SciDAC) program.

As recognized by President Obama in his State of the Union address, . . . one of this Nation's most pressing challenges is creating innovations that lead to affordable, abundant, and clean energy. The Nation is in a time of unique opportunity to 'virtualize energy' using modeling, simulation, and analysis to understand and optimize the entire energy enterprise including generation, storage, delivery, application, and infrastructure interdependencies. Future plans for exascale computing will be critical to virtualizing energy.

The 2011 Fall Creek Falls Conference will explore key issues and questions needed to define and shape a National strategy for a focused virtualizing energy effort. The goal of the Fall Creek Falls conference series is to bring together experts from the National Center for Computational Sciences, (NCCS), university partners, NCCS users, other centers, industry, and government to focus on and discuss in depth the latest advances and challenges in the computational sciences.