Workshop Goals

The goal of this workshop is to understand how the computing systems currently deployed are being used to advance scientific objectives in several key domains, as well as how these same systems and the multiple petaflops systems to be deployed by DOE and NSF can be used to maximize scientific impact in the next 12-18 months. The research opportunities will be explored in half-day sessions engaging panels and workshop participants in discussion in Nanoscience, Superconductivity, Combustion, Energy Storage and Geosciences.

  1. Identify expected science outcomes in key scientific domains (nanoscience, superconductivity, combustion, energy storage and geoscience) that will utilize computing - especially those systems currently deployed at the three OASCR facilities (ALCF, NERSC and OLCF).
  2. Identify expected science outcomes utilizing those systems to be deployed at the three OASCR facilities in the next 12-18 months.
  3. Identify the impact of having all scientists dedicating 50% of their effort to performing computational experiments - what would those simulations entail?


  1. Greater understanding of the impact and opportunities of computing in producing today's science
  2. Greater awareness of what computational experiments should be performed upon delivery and acceptance of computer hardware (a more BES-like facilities approach)
  3. Workshop report - derived from short reports (~5 pages) from each of the sessions

How can you maximize your contribution?
There are five half-day (3 -hour) sessions on the various scientific topics.  Each session is roughly organized into (1) a plenary talk which broadly outlines opportunities and impacts of computing in the subject area, (2) a panel discussion in which panel participants will be asked to provide specifics on the questions to frame the session's discussion, followed by (3) an open discussion moderated by the session chair. 

Participants have the opportunity to contribute to all five discussions and to explore the role of supercomputing at the petascale in advancing science in each of these science areas. We have an opportunity to help set the research agenda in the next five years in these exciting interdisciplinary fields.

Note that for each of these topics there have been prior workshops (not necessarily focused on computing) and workshop reports are available (see  This workshop is specifically designed to answer the question of how computing can have an impact and build new scientific opportunities in each of these science areas.

Panel objectives:
The purpose of the panels is to identify and define a set of high value R&D studies for each key scientific domain with accompanying focused research questions and expected outcome(s) from a focused 5-year effort. The efforts will use a novel approach which integrates the physical and virtual studies into a single unified effort conducted by a focused interdisciplinary research team. The research would draw heavily on ongoing studies in each key scientific domain and current virtual capabilities at centers such as the Leadership Computing Facilities at ORNL and ANL. The R&D studies will have high relevance to meeting needs to assure high impact on each of the domains.

Example questions to be addressed by the panel members for each domain might be:

  1. What ongoing research is already underway that could form the core of an expanded study or support for a new study?
  2. What research question(s) would be the focus of your study?
  3. What intermediate results or progress could be reasonably expected after the first year and third year of effort and what high value result(s) could be reasonably expected at the end of a focused five-year effort?
  4. What level of budget would you anticipate needing to achieve these results?


The workshop dates are Jan. 10-12, 2008.

Participation is by invitation only.

A room block has been established at the Maui Prince Hotel for the nights of January 9-12 under "Oak Ridge National Laboratory." Each person is responsible for his/her own room reservations and costs. Hotel reservations can be made by calling 1-866 PRINCE6 (1-866-774-6236).
Maui Prince Hotel

Speedy Shuttle is available to transport you from the airport to your hotel. The phone number for Speedy Shuttle is 1-877-242-5777.