Monday, July 12
Accelerators Peter Stoltz, Tech-X Recent Progress in Accelerator Physics Simulations with the VORPAL code abstract
Jin Xu, ANL Advanced Software Packages For Beam Dynamics Simulation abstract
Applied Math Mark Shephard, RPI Parallel mesh control tools for unstructured meshes abstract
R. Deiterding, ORNL Analysis of weak and strong transverse-wave structures in gaseous detonations by large-scale simulation abstract
Astrophysics Don Lamb, Univ. of Chicago Verification and Validation Of Current Models Of Thermonuclear-Powered Supernovae Using Large-­Scale Simulations abstract
John Bell, LBL MAESTRO, CASTRO, and SEDONA - Petascale Codes for Astrophysical Applications abstract
Paul Ricker, UIUC Expected Counts of Galaxy Cluster Radio Halos in Low-Frequency Radio Surveys abstract
Biology Xiaolin Cheng, ORNL A Multi-Scale Approach to the Simulation of Lignocellulosic Biomass abstract
Mike Crowley, NREL Developing improved MD and QMMM codes for modeling enzymes essential to biomass liquid fuel production abstract
Chemistry Edoardo Apra, ORNL What is a 200,000 CPUs Petaflop Computer Good For (a Theoretical Chemist's Perspective)? abstract
Climate Celal Konor, Colorado State Univ. Unification of the Anelastic and Quasi-Hydrostatic Systems abstract
Quentin Stout, Univ. of Michigan Application of 3-D Spherical Shell Adaptive Mesh Refinement to an Atmospheric Model with a Vertical Lagrangian Coordinate abstract
Combustion John Bell, LBL Simulation of Nitrogen Emissions in a Low Swirl Burner abstract
Computer Science Phillip Colella, LBL Applications of Locally-Structured Grids in APDEC abstract
Vince Weaver, UTK PAPI-C: Collecting Performance Data beyond the CPU abstract
Allan Snavely, UCSD Extrapolating memory behavior under strong scaling abstract
Data Management Scott Klasky, ORNL ADIOS: powering I/O to extreme scale computing abstract
Neil Shah, NCSU Automatic and statistically robust spatio-temporal detection and tracking of fusion plasma turbulent fronts with parallel R abstract
Facilities Julia C. White, DOE Leadership Computing Innovative and Novel Computational Impact on Theory and Experiment (INCITE) Program abstract
David Skinner, LBL HPC Best Practices: Multi-agency Perspectives on Making Production Computing Successful abstract
Fusion Energy Ammar Hakim, Tech-X Coupled whole device simulations of plasma transport in tokamaks with the FACETS code abstract
David Smithe,
Detailed Modeling of Tokamak Antenna Modules Immersed in Edge
Plasma SciDAC Project: Center for Simulation of Wave-Particle Interactions (CSWPI)
GeoSciences Bruce Palmer, PNNL Simulations of subsurface flow and transport at the pore and continuum scales abstract
Richard Tran Mills, ORNL Engineering PFLOTRAN for Scalable Performance on Cray XT and IBM BlueGene Architectures abstract
Lattice QCD Balint Joo, Jefferson Lab Hadronic Physics using Lattice QCD and GPUs abstract
Materials Jeongnim Kim, UIUC Quantum Monte Carlo algorithms: making most of large-scale multi/many-core clusters
Markus Eisenbach, ORNL Thermodynamics of Magnetic Systems from First Principles: WL-LSMS abstract
Nuclear Energy Patrick O'Leary, INL Employing Immersive Environments for Exploration and Analysis in Virtual Nuclear Engineering abstract
Visualization Jian Huang, UTK Expressive feature characterization for ultrascale data visualization abstract
Tom Peterka, ANL Radix-k: Large-Scale Parallel Image Compositing for Sort-Last Rendering abstract


Tuesday, July 13
Accelerators Cho-Kuen Ng, Stanford/SLAC Meeting Challenges in Extreme-scale Electromagnetic Modeling of Next Generation Accelerators using ACE3P abstract
David Bruhwiler, Tech-X Massively Parallel Simulation of Anisotropic Debye Shielding in the Modulator of a Coherent Electron Cooling System and subsequent Amplification in a Free Electron Laser abstract
Applied Math Ed D'Azevedo, ORNL Highly Parallel Solver for Multi-scale Parquet Quantum Modeling of Strongly Correlated Materials abstract
Esmond G. Ng, LBL Scalable Solver Infrastructure for Computational Science & Engineering abstract
Astrophysics Konstantin Yakunin, Florida Atlantic Univ. Gravitational Wave Signatures from Core Collapse Supernovae: Simulations with the CHIMERA code abstract
Stan Woosley, Univ. of California Observatories Type Ia Supernovae – Ignition and Explosion abstract
Biology Kwiseon Kim, NREL Understanding the Parallel Efficiency of CMA-ES abstract
Andrea Rocha, Univ. of South Florida Systems Biology Approach to Discovery of Phenotype-Specific Metabolic Processes for Engineering Bacterial Bio-Hydrogen abstract
Chemistry Benjamin Mintz, Univ. of Vermont Possible Symmetry Breaking of the cyclic-C3 C2 H Radical abstract
Zhaojun Bai, UC/Davis QUEST: Quantum Electron Simulation Toolbox abstract
Climate Rao Kotamarthi, ANL Scale up of data ensemble generation process for the ARM SGP measured surface energy fluxes abstract
Mark Taylor, SNL CCSM with the HOMME Cubed-Sphere Atmospheric Dynamical Core abstract
Combustion Ed Knudsen, Stanford A Flamelet Based Model for Auto-ignition in Turbulent Conditions: Validation Using DNS abstract
Computer Science Milo Polte, CMU PLFS: The Parallel Log-structured Filesystem abstract
Juan Gonzalez, Accelogic Extreme-speed scalable direct sparse solvers for heterogeneous CPU/GPU/FPGA supercomputing – an enhancement to the LAPACKrc library abstract
Alex Pothen, CSCAPES Institute Combinatorial Scientific Computing and Petascale Simulations (CSCAPES) Institute: Recent Progress abstract
Data Management Chien-Yi Hou, DICE Policy-Based Data Management abstract
Don Middleton, NCAR The Earth System Grid Center for Enabling Technologies abstract
Facilities Jeff Hammond, ANL The Software of the Future on the Hardware of the Future abstract
Nicholas Wright, LBL Managing the Shift to Multi-core abstract
Fusion Energy C.S.Chang, NYU/CIMS/CPES Pushing the boundaries of leadership computer and fusion science in CPES abstract
Weigang Wan, Univ. of Colorado Gyrokinetic Simulations of Edge Pedestal Turbulence abstract
GeoSciences Karen Schuchardt, PNNL Task parallel sensitivity and parameter estimation of groundwater simulations through the SALSSA framework abstract
Peter Lichtner, LANL PFLOTRAN Applied to Carbon Sequestration in Deep Geologic Formations abstract
Lattice QCD Rich Brower, Boston Univ. Algorithms for Lattice Field Theory at Extreme Scales abstract
Materials Shaikh S. Ahmed, Southern Illinois Univ. Effects of Internal Fields in Self-Assembled InN/GaN Quantum Dots: Multimillion-Atom Tight-Binding Simulations
Bobby Sumpter, ORNL Computational Approaches for Investigating Electrochemical Energy Storage Materials and Devices abstract
Nuclear Energy Rad Radhakrishnan, ORNL Mesoscale Simulations of Microstructure Evolution in a Temperature Gradient abstract
Visualization Christoph Garth, UC/Davis Advanced Vector Field Analysis using Integration-Based Visualization abstract
Wes Bethel, LBL Hybrid-Parallelism Improves Visualization Performance on Large, Multi-core Systems abstract