Applied Math

D'Azevedo, E. Highly parallel solver for multi-scale parquet quantum modeling of strongly correlated materials
Deiterding, Ralf Computational and theoretical analysis of weak and strong transverse-wave structures in gaseous detonations
Dorr, M.R. Numerical Simulation of Phase Space Advection in Gyrokinetic Models of Fusion Plasmas
Fann, G.I. Multiple multiresolution representation of functions and calculus for fast computation
Jansen, Kenneth Parallel mesh control tools for unstructured meshes


Amundson, J. Advances in large-scale computations of multi-particle beam dynamics
Bruhwiler, D.L. Massively parallel simulation of anisotropic Debye shielding in the modulator of a coherent electron cooling system and subsequent amplification in a free electron laser
Lee, Lie-Quan Wakefield computations at extreme-scale for ultra-short bunches using parallel hp-refinement
Mori, W.B. Dream beams: Extreme-scale computing enabling new accelerator technologies for the energy and intensity frontiers
Stoltz, P Recent progress in accelerator physics simulations with the VORPAL code
Xu, J. Advanced software packages for beam dynamics simulation


Calder, A. Evaluating systematic dependencies of Type Ia supernovae
Cardall, Christian Towards exascale supernova simulations with GenASiS
Woosley, E. Type Ia supernovae: advances in large scale simulation

Biology Session

Rocha, Andrea Systems biology approach to discovery of phenotype-specific metabolic processes for engineering bacterial bio-hydrogen
Williamson, M.J. Developing improved MD and QMMM codes for modeling enzymes essential to biomass liquid fuel production
Xu, Jiancong High-performance computer simulation in the energy biosciences


Bernholc, J. Hybrid quantum simulations of biomolecules: the role of copper in neurodegenerative diseases
Stern, E. Fully 3D multiple beam dynamics processes simulation for the Fermilab Tevatron


Andronova, N.G. Application of 3-D spherical shell adaptive mesh refinement to an atmospheric model with a vertical Lagrangian coordinate
Taylor, Mark Subcycled dynamics in the spectral Community Atmosphere Model version 4


Bell, J.B. MAESTRO, CASTRO, and SEDONA—Petascale codes for astrophysical applications
Bell, J.B. Simulation of nitrogen emissions in a low swirl burner

Computer Science

Bair, Ray Verification and validation of current models of thermonuclear-powered supernovae using large-scale simulations
Gonzalez, Juan Extreme-Speed Scalable Direct Sparse Solvers for Heterogeneous Supercomputing –An Enhancement to the LAPACKrc Library
Thakur, Rajeev MPI at Exascale

Data Management

Lauret, Jérôme From grid to cloud, the STAR experience
Liu, Q. ADIOS: Powering I/O to extreme scale computing
Moore, Reagan Policy-based data management
Shoshani, Arie Scientific Data Management: Challenges and Approaches in the Extreme Scale Era


Kendall, W. Expressive feature characterization for ultrascale data visualization

Fusion Energy

Hakim, A.H. Coupled whole device simulations of plasma transport in tokamaks with the FACETS code
Wan, Weigang Gyrokinetic simulations of edge pedestal turbulence
Wang, W.X. Non-Diffusive Momentum Transport and Intrinsic Rotation in Tokamaks


Hammond, Glenn Cleaning up the cold war: simulating uranium migration at the Hanford 300 Area
Lu, C. Evaluating variable switching and flash methods in modeling carbon sequestration in deep geologic formations using PFLOTRAN
Palmer, Bruce Wakefield computations at extreme-scale for ultra-short bunches using parallel hp-refinement
Schuchardt, Karen Task parallel sensitivity analysis and parameter estimation of groundwater simulations through the SALSSA frameworks


Eisenbach, M. Thermodynamics of magnetic systems from first principles: WL-LSMS
Kim, Jeongnim Quantum Monte Carlo algorithms: making most of large-scale multi/many-core clusters

Nuclear Energy

Evans, T.M. Thermodynamics of magnetic systems from first principles: WL-LSMS


Howison, Mark Hybrid parallelism for volume rendering on large, multi-core systems
Peterka, T Performance of communication patterns for extreme-scale analysis and visualization