Program Instructions

Session Chair

Session Chairs are responsible for:

  • Introducing the speakers in their session (we will provide you with a short bio for each)
    • we will provide you with a short bio for each
    • the session chair is responsible for collecting bios, presentations, and articles to be included in the proceedings
  • Moderating the Question-and-Answer period
  • Enforcing time limitations to ensure that the conference runs on schedule


Session Session Chair
Accelerators Panagiotis Spentzouris
Astrophysics John Blondin
Biology Jeremy Smith
Breakthroughs Tony Mezzacappa
Chemistry Jeff Nichols
Climate Phil Jones
Combustionand Turbulence Jackie Chen
Computer ScienceHPC/Computer Science

Kathy Yelick / Bill Gropp

Data / Data Management Rob Ross / Terrence Critchlow
Energy Systems Simulation

Thomas Zacharia


Patricia Kovatch


Stephane Ethier

Geosciences Peter Lichtner
HPC Performance

Jack Dongarra

Liaison to 2011

Lattice QCD

Paul Mackenzie

Materials and Nanoscience

Thomas Schulthess

Math/Applied Math Petr Plechac / Lori Diachin
Nuclear Engineering John A. Turner
Proceedings Debbie McCoy
Tutorials and Outreach David Skinner / Andrew Uselton / Rusty Lusk
Posters Jeff Kuehn
Vendors Session

Buddy Bland


Sean Ahern