This symposium will gather researchers, primarily young investigators, and research program managers at the interface of simulation research (modeling, applied mathematics, CFD, QD,…) and of parallel programming and high performance computing research (massively parallel systems, optimization, …).

This symposium is intended to foster scientific cooperation; it will address two complementary goals:

  • Initiate or reinforce links between young investigators, so as to promote long term cooperation between the considered national scientific communities
  • Allow for discussion in terms of the related S&T policy issues, identify and develop synergies between the various national and regional research programs.

The outcomes of the symposium are intended to help identify common items of research policy in the field of high-performance computing with hopes of convergence for some items of national plans, and to foster launching of cooperative research projects with better integration of young researchers.

A small number of senior scientists and program managers from the participating countries and entities will select, on the basis of scientific excellence, the young investigators invited to take part in this symposium.

Participation is expected from the European Union, Asia, and the U.S. and is by invitation only.

All non-U.S. citizen participants will be required to check in with current visa and passport documents.